Microsoft Sway Helps You Effortlessly Create Multimedia Presentations

Sway could be a PowerPoint killer, and oddly enough, the free presentation tool is from Microsoft.

Sway, currently in open preview and part of the Microsoft Office suite, makes it dead simple to create and share interactive presentations. When you create a new "Sway" you're presented with simple cards to add a title and your sections (kind of like slides).

You can pull in photos, videos, and other content directly from connected apps (including OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, Bing and Twitter), and easily add a different layout to your creation. A "mood" feature lets you quickly format and adjust the style through templates. And when you're all done, the Sway is viewable online by anyone with the link.

Although there aren't many templates available yet, Sway promises to be a simpler alternative to PowerPoint. You can use it for family slideshows, school reports and quick presentations.



    Need two thing:
    - More customisations
    - Offline suport ( I can't always guarentee internet acces for my presentations, and I don't want anything to go wrong when the net is sketchy).

      The amount of times an offline presi has saved my arse while others are fumbling around trying to work out internet issues I definitely agree.

        But having said that. I can see myself using Sway, once it comes out of beta and these issues are fixed.

    OK Hold the phone here. I clicked on the Sway link, then clicked get started and nothing more. Within seconds I received an email from Microsoft. How the frigging hell did I get an email from Microsoft to my ISP account without me logging in or typing anything.

    I'm also on an iMac and not signed in to any Microsoft products. This cannot be acceptable surely.

      You most definitely have a Microsoft passport and are signed into some kind of Microsoft service.

      lets just run through this, as there are only 2 possible options.

      1. you have signed into a microsoft account on the computer you are using at some point in time, so they know who you are via the standard way of knowing this, cookies etc, most likely you have linked the email address to microsoft at some point in time.


      2. microsoft are scanning your pc remotely, via a web browser, or a 3rd party hijack tool that you installed (unknowingly), i assume you are not running IE on a mac, so they have found someway to hijack safari or chrome or firefox, or whatever browser you are using, and from this nefarious scheme, sent you an invite to use a free piece of microsoft software

      Which one is more likely???

      Last edited 17/12/14 11:42 am

    I've just sent an email to Microsoft demanding an answer, this is totally unethical and I would advise everyone not to use it until some explanations are made as to how Microsoft scanned my system remotely.

      Put yer tinfoil hat back on, your stupidity is leaking out.

    The only thing I have is an xbox live account, but surely that still does not give them the right to scan my system. I'm only using chrome as well.

      Chrome is extremely good at maintaining session data. Try going into the privacy settings and deleting everything that's cached there then restart Chrome and try again.

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