McDonald’s Will Be Open For Business This Christmas. Who’s Going?

McDonald’s Will Be Open For Business This Christmas. Who’s Going?

If all you want for Christmas is a Big Mac, you’re in luck: McDonald’s has confirmed approximately half of its company-owned stores will be open for business on 25 December. In addition, a similar percentage of franchisees will also be operating, which brings the total to around 500 stores nationwide. Some will doubtlessly be delighted by this news while others will call it blasphemy against ham, chilled prawns and eggnog. On which side of the fence do you stand?

In an apparent response to customer demand, McDonald’s will be increasing the number of stores it keeps open on Christmas day with a significant proportion of franchisees following suit.

“With close to 80 percent of our restaurants run by local franchisees the decision to open on Christmas Day is up to them,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told Lifehacker. “We estimate around half of our restaurants will open.”

This is in stark contrast to around a decade ago when barely any McDonald’s outlets remained open. While the nation’s assorted health bodies may tut-tut, we think this is good news for at least one reason.

If you’ve ever embarked on a lengthy drive on Christmas day, you know how hard it is to find a quick, affordable feed on the road. Macca’s is one of the few options you can grab without leaving the highway — or even your car.

When you’re stuck behind the wheel for several hours, this is an invaluable service; especially if you have a bunch of noisy, hungry kids in the backseat. (Before anyone complains about responsible parenting, bear in mind that kids are generally allowed to eat whatever they like on Christmas.)

The trick is to not order too much; otherwise you run the risk of still feeling full when you reach your destination. Although depending on your extended family’s cooking skills, this might be a good thing.

We’re curious to find out what you guys think. Is Christmas the one day of the year where Big Macs should be forbidden? Or should it be welcomed as part of the big “Xmas blowout”? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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    • At least we’re not in the US:

      An internal McDonald’s memo from USA COO Jim Johannesen urges franchises to stay open during Christmas to boost sales numbers…McD’s employees will not, however, receive overtime for working on the federal holiday, a company spokesperson told Ad Age. “The staff voluntarily sign up to work. There is no regular overtime pay,” spokesperson Heather Oldani says. Those volunteers earn $8.25 an hour and receive negative performance reviews if they smell like the food they serve, according to The Charlotte Observer.

      • What a bunch of crap. *sigh* Of course you’ll smell like the food you serve. My friend works at Salsa’s and after a hard day of work they’ll smell like the food they serve. There isn’t much you can do about it, it’s just what it is. The heat embeds the smell into the clothes, too bad!

    • Not everyone celebrates that particular holiday. The HJs near me is always staffed by Indians during Easter, so probably much the same for McChristmas.

    • Hi Stevorooni,
      Good news! I thought I’d put everyone’s’ minds at ease and respond to your comment 🙂
      I am a manager at one of the franchised owned McDonalds, and was also once a crew member.
      For the Christmas Day shift, at my store, we put a form up in the crew room and allow any staff to volunteer to work. They get extra pay and free meals and always enjoy working that day as the day runs a little different than normal – the music is pumped up a little and treats and candy are shared around.
      Those who volunteer usually work during the hours they know they won’t have any plans, but can still go home to celebrate before/after their shift. 🙂


  • I guarantee it won’t be management or higher duties staff working on the 25th. It’ll be the poor casuals and juniors being forced to give up Christmas Day with their families. Sure, that might be ok for staff who don’t celebrate christmas, but for the rest of them this is just cruel.

    These guys don’t work 9 – 5 jobs like most people, they already give up their weekends, late nights, public holidays and more so you can have your junk food. Let them have one flipping day without trade.

    So glad my high school/fast food job days are behind me.

    • You forgot a few things…

      They will most likely get paid holiday rates (unlike what happens in the US according to an above comment), that is an incentive for some

      If you work in fast food and other service industries, you have to accept that you will probably be working odd hours. I know this may sound a little elitist, but as someone who has been in fast food before (at the bottom rung) it was something I accepted. A mate of mine likes working in the service industry because it fits him much better, he even puts his hand up for most holidays due to penalty rates.

      You might want to also see this

    • As an employee of the McDonalds Corporation I can confirm all employees who work on Christmas day volunteer as they want they penalty rates. No one is forced to work at all.

      You’d be surprised at the amount of people who do the family thing in the morning and are happy to work the afternoon etc.

      And for double time!

      To give you an indication – a casual 21 y.o. would earn about $45 an hour. Not bad for the guy making your big mac!

    • Hi ‘getbent’, 🙂

      I totally agree with you 50%! No doubt some fast food stores will have inconsiderate managers who will force their poor casual staff to work, or inconsiderate bosses who forces their supervisors to work.

      That aside, I know most franchised McDonalds runs a little different. I’m one of the Managers at one of the franchised owned maccas, as I used to volunteer every year to work on Xmas day – having this year off though for a change. Most managers are encouraged to work Xmas day but don’t have to. Once we know how many managers are working, total of 7 throughout the day, we then put a form up for and team members to volunteer. (Extra pay, free meals, music pumped, treats and candy shared).
      Those who work only works during the hours the hours they know they have no plans on, and can still be home before / after their shift to celebrate Xmas if needed.

      On a public holiday, all managers (except the overnighters), are encouraged to work. At my store, that is a requirement of being a manager, is to work some public holidays and alternate with each other. On a public holiday there will be managers working in the position of the team members. And of course, most team members eagerly volunteers to work as they get double pay. Most team members are young and don’t go out much (under 22) and the managers are under 31 and usually don’t mind that extra pay too.


    • You are ignorant. The opportunity to work public holidays with excellent pay is a a perk. Being forced to work the day after public holidays with regular wage and triple the work load and double the rude customers is the real punishment.

  • Awesome news. If my family plans fall through I can binge on a family box instead!
    Previous years when I’ve been working on the day (and paid very well for it, thankyouverymuch) and/or people have been occupied/overseas, it’s RIDICULOUSLY HARD to find someplace to grab a lunch or dinner on the run. Always had to rely on friendly elderly Chinese couples running fish and chip shops. That sounds very specific but you’d be surprised.

  • McDonald’s Will Be Open For Business This Christmas. Who’s Going?

    Not Jews. Jews go to Chinese restaurants on Christmas. Unless American T.V. has lied to me.

  • I always have Xmas dinner at KFC. This year will be the 12th year in row (I am not joking, we are really doing this and everyone loves it)

  • It seems they’re actively pushing this. In the mail the other day I got some Maccas vouchers, two Big Macs for the price of one, and two McFlurries for the price of one. But only valid on Christmas day.

  • “which side of the fence are you on”

    The side that doesn’t think individual food choice on christmas day should be something for which there are sides.

    • Exactly!

      I don’t quite understand the obsession Lifehacker columnists have with McDonalds… You are certainly not forced to go to McDonalds… If you don’t like the food, go somewhere else.

  • I haven’t been inside a Macca’s for over 30 years, so I doubt I’ll be starting this Christmas…

  • I remember the one year that our owner wanted to stay open for Christmas.
    Got paid around $400 for eight hours standing around and doing nothing.

    10/10 would totally do again.

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