Make Popsicles Melt More Slowly With Gelatin

Make Popsicles Melt More Slowly with Gelatin

Popsicle season also means drips and messes. An easy way to slow the melting is to add a bit of gelatin to your homemade ice blocks.

Photo by ChristophLacroix

Amber Lou on The Paisley Cake shares this tip: Add a package of jelly to the juice you're using for the popsicle and freeze as you usually would. Besides reducing the chances of stains, the added gelatin should also improve the texture and consistency of the popsicle. (For a vegetarian option, Popsicaholic notes you can use agar or carrageenan instead.)

Almost Un-meltable Popsicles [The Paisley Cake]


    you know that this is what everyone complained about when their supermarket. ice creams wouldn't melt.

    oh won't someone think of the children.

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