Make OS X Tags Easily Accessible From The Dock As A Stack

Make OS X Tags Easily Accessible from the Dock as a Stack

Apple introduced document tagging in Mavericks, but you can usually only access those tags through Finder. Macgasm points out that while it's a little clunky, you can add those tags to the Dock.

All you need to do is click and drag a tag from Finder to the right-hand side of the divider in the Dock. It will generate a stack just like you'd get with a folder, albeit with an awkward TAGO file extension. Still, if you use tags, it's a handy way to access your them.

Show Tags as Stacks in The Dock [Macgasm]


    On the macasm website it calls this a
    weird—and decidedly obvious—trick"
    How can it be 'weird' and obvious at the same time; and how would it be weird; it looks straight forward. Weird would be something like wearing a halloween suite while listening to organ music and eating a cheese sandwich...only then can you drag tags to the dock...
    Besides as soon as people say some otherwise unknown sequence of actions is 'weird' I get the feeling they want to sell me somthing scam-like. Or their threshold for wierdness is very low.

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