Lifehacker Awards 2014: Vote For The Best TV Show

Voting is now open in the 2014 Lifehacker Awards! Here's a reminder and a chance to vote for the best TV show.

Thanks for voting! We'll begin announcing the results from Monday 8 December. Want to vote in other categories? Check out our mega-voting post.

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    I've watched some of all but three of the shows in the list. Sons of Anarchy is the only one I've stuck with. Amazing show.

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      couldnt stick with game of thrones?

        I've read all the books. Watched the pilot of the show, and struggled to get into it. I'll probably give it another go one day.

          As with any half decent show you need to give it a few episodes but yeah if you've read the books you've probably killed it for yourself.

    Glad to see Silicon Valley on the list, liked it the first watch, loved it the second. Always a good sign for a show.

    TV is dying, why waste your time watching just so you can talk about it.

    Any of these made or produced in Australia? (think about it, as what you are supporting)

    Still I suppose one does need a bit of entertainment, but hundreds of advertisements I just can't stand.

    Give me a good movie in blu ray any day instead of TV.

      Any of these made or produced in Australia? Offspring.

    EDIT: this was meant to reply to @swimwiz

    Just because it's a TV show doesn't mean you have to watch it in the traditional way - I don't watch ads and I watch at any time I like.

    I'm not sure if you were meaning to troll but your post has a lot wrong with it.

    Last edited 06/12/14 4:35 pm

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