Lifehacker Awards 2014: Vote For The Best Cloud Computing Provider

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Vote For The Best Cloud Computing Provider

Voting is now open in the 2014 Lifehacker Awards! Here’s a reminder and a chance to vote for the best cloud computing provider.

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Thanks for voting! We’ll begin announcing the results from Monday 8 December. Want to vote in other categories? Check out our mega-voting post.

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  • I feel ineligible to vote. I’ve only used Google Drive and I’m not sure if Azure or AWS would do things better or worse.
    There can’t be very many people who’ve tried all three of these, can there?

  • Be keen to see this, our current provider is shit, slow and expensive, but changing is a massive pain.
    Why only those three vendors? I’d love to see who people are using and if they are happy with them, but limiting it to the big three seems odd.

    • Who is your current provider? We are looking around at the moment and it’d be great to know who to avoid.

  • Best is easily Digital Ocean, as I nominated.

    Notwithstanding Lifehacker’s tight ties to Microsoft (and one imagines Azure magically winning) those three choices are not at all representative of the diversity of this market.

  • Its disappointing that with the 100+ cloud service providers in Australia you only list the three global players

  • What about all the other cloud providers in Australia? Rackspace won the gold medal in Customer Service Institute of Australia (CISA) annual awards for state AND national categories in 2014. Surely that deserves a start on your shortlist!

  • AWS surely leads in Public cloud race. Truly market leaders.
    Azure, the interface and support is too poor. But preferred for bigger customers (after AWS)
    Notable omission: Rackspace. For me they are the best in support. No.1 in managed cloud.
    Google Cloud: Leaders in PAAS. Not stron in IAAS

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