Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Games Console

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Games Console

Throughout this week, we’re announcing the winners in the 2014 Lifehacker Awards. This one was always going to be close-fought: best games console. And the winner is . . .

Readers’ Choice: PS4

Reflecting sales in the first year of the latest round of the console wars, the PS4 ultimately took first place. The Xbox One ran second — clearly we’re ready to move on from the older generations.

Editor’s Pick: PS4

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Games Console

We agree with the readers on this one. The PS4 had more functionality, a better range of launch games and just generally seems better planned as a platform.

Thanks everyone for voting! Keep checking back throughout the week for more winners.

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Games Console


  • Do we get to see any statistics from the voting? I only ask because i want to see how much my choice lost by….

  • I have both (actually I have 2 PS4’s and a XBOX) and surprisingly the XBOX is the better console (although I find the main screen annoying).
    The PS4 has crashed at least once in every game I have played (up to a 1 crash every 2-3hrs), I have had nonstop issues with the store and preorders not working correctly (and the predownload feature not working).
    I had to purchase LBP3 3 times before it finally worked and then the pre download feature was disabled because their server could not handle it. The XBOX on the other hand has the same games on the store for less, and has not stopped once. The only thing that I can’t stand about the XBOX is the store uses Bing to search and that is just plain stupid.

  • I wasn’t around for the vote so I must ask the question: was the Wii U a part of this?

    I own all three current gen consoles and, whilst there have been some admittedly fantastic multiplatform new releases (Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny*), rehashes (GTAV) and even a few exclusives (Last of Us Remastered, Forza Horizon 2), for me it has to be the Wii U. MK8, Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2 all exclusive? Gameplay experiences and overall game polish not found on other consoles? Not relying on violence to express ideas and entertain people? New IPs in Captain Toad, Amiibo (nearing in 1 million units sold) and upcoming Splatoon? The promise of Mario Maker, Star Fox(!!!) and open world Zelda in ’15?

    Big year for the Wii U this year, hard to deny. I don’t even touch my Xbone but I love my PS4, even still it has to be the Wii U for me.

    *may contain traces of hype and disappointment.

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