Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Bank

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Bank

The prizes keep going in the Lifehacker Awards 2014! This afternoon, we’re unveiling the winner of best bank.

Readers’ Choice: Commonwealth

Commonwealth’s continued technology innovation — which has included contactless payments from phones and major back-end improvements — has clearly won over readers. Second place went to ING Direct.

Editor’s Pick: Commonwealth

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Bank

My bank gratitude reached a new level last week after I lost my wallet. Ugh. Not so easy trying to get home with no money for a start. Then my brain kicked into gear and I remembered that the NetBank app has a cardless cash option, so you can withdraw money from an ATM with a one-time code. Plus I could temporarily lock my credit card. Absolutely made an inevitably painful and inconvenient experience easier.

Thanks everyone for voting! Keep checking back throughout the week for more winners.

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Best Bank


  • such a stupid reason. What about Commonwealth admitting that their investment division went unchecked and they royally screwed up mum & dad investors over the last 6 years? Cost some families their life savings and they are no fighting hard to get compensation. CBA is not keen on this idea though and could barely muster the guts to admit fault.

    Pull the other one Lifehacker.

  • Commonwealth were my first bank up until I went to get a home loan from them. I asked them what was the maximum loan I could get from them and they gave me a figure. When I found the house I wanted, it was more than what the bank could offer me.

    So I went to Bendigo Bank and asked them if they could offer me the loan to buy the house, they said no problems. In a few days I had everything switched over to Bendigo and went to close my Commonwealth accounts.

    When they asked me why, I said that Bendigo could offer me the loan I needed for my house. They asked how much the loan was that I got through Bendigo. So I told them and they ran another check. They told me that they could have offered me that much as well.

    I told them their original offer was a fair bit less when I had asked what the maximum amount was that I could loan from them. Told them their loss, won’t be banking with them again. Been very happy with Bendigo ever since.

  • Isn’t CBA one of the banks still investing in coal etc as well… not divesting like environmentally responsible financial institutions… certainly wouldn’t get my vote…

  • Seems it was judged just on the customer facing stuff and nothing else. Which I guess is ok. But I think they are far less appealing in a lot of other aspects.

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