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You wanted job interview tips, cheap Opal fares, business lessons from Pie Face and the best free apps. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. The Question You Should Always Ask In Job Interviews
    That moment when you're asked "So do you have any questions" in a job interview can often be awkward. Here's one useful possibility: Who succeeds in this position?
  2. Top 15 Geekiest IKEA Hacks
    All IKEA hacks are geeky — but some IKEA hacks are more geeky than others. Here are 15 of the nerdiest/coolest DIY projects to ever grace IKEA Hacker's archive: from a miniature bedroom Bat-signal to your very own remote-controlled robot.
  3. How To Travel All Week On Opal For Under $15
    NSW's Opal public transport smart card has a bit of a mixed reputation. While some commuters are better off under the new system, others are spending up to 15 per cent extra on their bus and train fares. If you're in the latter camp and are based around Sydney, here's a simple Opal hack that could reduce your total weekly expenditure by as much as $45.
  4. What Pie Face's Collapse Can Teach Other Small Businesses
    Tolstoy's opening line in Anna Karenina was: "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." The same can be said of most businesses — the recipe for success is simple, but there are an unlimited number of ways to stuff things up.
  5. Why It Pays To Request A 'Large' Chicken Piece At KFC [Updated]
    If you don't visit KFC regularly, you'd be forgiven for thinking that its chicken breasts are roughly uniform in size. However, it turns out there's a surprising amount of variation in the minimum and maximum sizes permitted — and we've got the chart to prove it.
  6. The Free Apps We're Most Thankful For
    While the US is getting its Thanksgiving on, we're thankful every day for all the free apps out there that improve our lives (and the developers that make them!). Here are our favourites
  7. What 'Nobody Has Lost Their Job' Actually Means
    In Question Time at Parliament today, Government senate leader Senator Eric Abetz was asked if the government would apologise for imposing cuts on the ABC that will result in 400 people losing their jobs, thereby breaking an entirely unambiguous pre-election promise that no cuts will be made. His response? "Nobody has lost their job." Huh?
  8. Telstra's Freedom Prepaid Plan Now Has More Data (But You Can Still Do Better)
    We used to recommend the old version of Telstra's prepaid Freedom plan as one of the best options for mobile phone users, until a change in the conditions earlier this year eliminated the ability to add extra data without having to pay a king's ransom. Now Telstra has increased the available data on its Freedom plan, is it worth revisiting?
  9. Traps To Watch For When Licensing Office 365
    With Office 365, Microsoft is pushing all its customers to ongoing subscriptions rather than one-off software fees (with a side course of maintenance). There are benefits in that approach, but what traps should you watch for when shifting from conventional Office licensing?
  10. Why We Keep Using Uber Despite Douchebag Behaviour
    Uber, the leading company in the taxi app sector, recently had to defend its company culture, values and ethics due to several reported incidents. These range from customer complaints, poor safety standards, protesting cab drivers and, more recently, reports on how the company handles customer data.

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