Keep Your Face Upright To Make Vomiting Less Uncomfortable

Keep Your Face Upright To Make Vomiting Less Uncomfortable

No one likes being sick, but sometimes, you just can’t stop it. The next time you feel like you need to vomit, try facing straight forward (perhaps using a bucket) to avoid uncomfortable drainage in nasal passages.

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Most people (and, indeed, nearly every TV and movie depiction of the act) use a toilet or a sink when vomiting is necessary. While this makes for quick cleanup, it also requires you to point your face directly downwards. Combined with the upwards flow of your stomach contents, your nasal passages can become affected. Keeping your face upright by using a bucket (or having really, really good aim) can avoid that burning sensation and uncomfortable cleanup. Alternatively, if you don’t have a bucket handy or simply can’t manage that self control, holding or plugging your nose can help minimise this effect.

LPT: When you throw up plug your nose to avoid all the acid from getting in there, Makes puking a lot less miserable. [Reddit]


  • i find face down in bucket/toilet much easier to expell the vomit. Perhaps its more an issue with tall people as it has further to go, it can often help for me to elevate my lower half and lower my upper half to more of a straight line. Especially with food poisoning when the aim is to bring bits of food up and if your already feeling weak its hard to get the energy to get the job done.

    Not that i have to throw up very often mind you just how it seems to me on the very rare occasion i do.

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