Jeenee Mobile Offers Excellent Value For A 4G No-Contract Plan

Jeenee Mobile Offers Excellent Value For A 4G No-Contract Plan

We’re big fans of prepaid and no-contract plans here at Lifehacker. The SIM-only plans on offer from Jeenee Mobile stack up pretty well against the competition, offering 4G access to the Optus network and decent data allowances.

Jeenee operates as a social enterprise — it uses its profits to help fund communication services for disabled Australians. But regardless of its motives, the plans are impressive.

The $15 a month plan is relatively unremarkable, since it only offers 250MB of data and $200 in credit for both calls and texts. The $25 deal is better: it includes unlimited texts in Australia, 1.5GB of data and $500 in call credit — enough for 232 2-minute calls. If you’re not a particularly heavy data user (the average Australian uses around 650MB a month), this could be adequate.

For $35 a month, you get unlimited Australian texts, $650 in credit and 3GB of data. (Note for fiscal completists: the charge for your SIM card and to set up the account is $20.)

How does that weigh up against other companies reselling the Optus network? Optus itself charges $45 a month for a plan with 2GB of data, and unlimited Australian calls and texts. For the same amount, Amaysim ups the data volume to 5GB, but doesn’t offer 4G. Vaya’s $45 plan only includes 2GB of data, and doesn’t have unlimited calls or texts. That makes Jeenee a pretty decent deal if you aren’t going to need unlimited calls.



  • Only problem is they charge for excess data, on a Post Paid model which can result it Bill Shock. I would love to join this company but I can’t go back to that model after been on Prepaid so long. They can pause your data service when you reach the limit but still you can over, which I too often do. (Currently on Spintel)

  • I think you need to have two standard comparative benchmark plans every time you talk about new plans, that aren’t optus or telstra.
    $45 amaysim unlimited with 5GB, Vaya’s 18 with 1.5/29 with 2.5 (not their 45).

    • amaysim is only 3g
      vaya is a RIP off because they charge in MB block not KB like they should be (making 2gbs really 500mbs)

    • Amaysim charges data in 1MB blocks, which chews up that 5GB really quickly. I chewed through it in a little over 10 days.
      I have since moved to Optus $2 a day prepaid, much better value for money especially now that Amaysim jacked up their price.

      An average of $70 a month I get unlimited calls, 4G, and I use about 10GB of mobile data a month.

  • Im still on TPGs old $18 plan which is now 1GB data (was $15 for 1.5GB) and provides unlimited TPG to TPG calls and $600 of calls to anywhere in the world. Still a good deal but its 3G. This looks like a good 4G option as I have been considering jumping to a 4G connection.

    • from their site:

      BYO handset
      Keep your number
      1 month contract term
      Standard, micro & nano SIMs
      Works on 3G & 4G handsets
      Optus coverage (view here)
      Data counted in KB not MB
      Usage monitoring tools
      $20 set-up including delivery
      ($10 for each additional service)

    Roll your own usage right up to unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 2.5Gb data for $36 tops.
    I’m not a heavy call maker and probably mid range on texting, but I like my data, so I’m paying $27 this month.

    I just switched to them, so can’t comment on much else yet but it’s another option.

  • “Data is counted in kilobytes (KB) and includes both uploads and downloads. After you’ve used your monthly included Data Allowance, each megabyte (MB) of excess data within Australia costs $0.25/MB.”

  • Critical information summary says – “Data will be counted in kilobytes, and includes both uploads and
    downloads. After you’ve used your included data allowance, each
    megabyte of excess data within Australia costs $0.25/MB”

  • Why isn’t the download/upload charge ever compared eg, if it’s per mb or per kb !!??
    that’s makes a world of the difference! Vaya for instance people are charged per MB! i can’t seem to find Jeenee’s charge rate, and TPG for comparison charges per kb. One of the main reasons I’m still using TPG even on the iphone 6! (also worth mentioning i’ve somehow managed to hit 3410kB/s on 3g with TPG)

  • Hmm, definitely worth looking at. Currently with Yatango getting 100min calls, 100 SMS and 3GB for $38. I don’t really use calls that much but more is always better I guess?

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