Install USB Dongles Inside Your PC With This Adaptor, Save A USB Port

If you're running out of USB ports on the back (or front) of your computer, free up some space: Stick wireless dongles (for your mouse or keyboard) inside your computer with one of these cheap little header adaptors.

These adaptors — whether in compact form or cable form — allow you to plug a USB device directly to the header on your motherboard, rather than one of the ports on the back. Since lots of motherboards have more headers than you'll actually use, it's a good way to plug in more USB devices without taking up any ports. You could use them for wireless mouse and keyboard receivers, a USB security key, or even a boot drive (for systems running something like FreeNAS).

After seeing these on Linus Tech Tips' "Handy Tech Under $100" series (embedded above), I realised I had one of these in my giant box of cables and never realised what it was — so it might even be worth checking your box to see if you already have one. It's a small but handy item if you have a lot of USB devices. Check out the links below to see the different versions you can buy.

StarTech USB A to USB Motherboard 4-Pin Header F/F 2.0 Cable [Amazon via Linus Tech Tips] 2 Port USB Motherboard Header Adaptor [Amazon]


    installing a wifi dongle inside a metal case? sounds like a brilliant idea! wont cause any interference at all!

      I have trouble sometimes with the dongle connected to a port on the top of my case, so would have thought the same for an internal connection.
      The first reviewer on Amazon however states they're using it for a mouse and keyboard without any problems.

    If you've got free motherboard USB header wouldn't it be easier just to plus a few ports into those .

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