Google's Android Studio 1.0 Makes Building Apps Easy

Google's Android Studio 1.0 Makes Building Apps Easy

Windows/Mac/Linux: Google's Android Studio is out of beta, replacing Eclipse as the standard for Android application development. Aspiring Android app developers: Eclipse is still good to know, but start learning Android Studio 1.0 now.

Android Studio is an intuitive development platform that has access to Google's cloud services, code templates, and GitHub integration. It also has an extensive set of digital devices for all screen sizes, intelligent code editing and performance analysis. There are plenty of resources for learning the new IDE, starting with the Android Studio page and Team Treehouse's Android Development Track.

Android Studio 1.0 [Android Developer's Blog via The Next Web]


    Where's the easy part? I'm none the wiser on how to make an App.

      The easy part comes after you make an effort.

    Can't find any external device to run the running project...

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