Drobbox For iOS Can Now Rename Files

Drobbox For iOS Can Now Rename Files

File sync service Dropbox has released an update for its iOS app which lets you rename files and folders using the app. My immediate reaction: why on earth did it take so long for such a simple feature as renaming to make an appearance?

In part, it’s an “iOS thing”. Apple makes a point (some might say a fetish) of keeping the file system hidden on iOS, so from that perspective it makes sense that iOS users might be less inclined to think about renaming files. That said, files stored on Dropbox aren’t “in” iOS anyway, so it seems a little odd that the renaming option (which already existed in the Android version) has only just showed up.

The other lesson here is that feature parity on mobile apps is a difficult goal to accomplish, even if you’re as relatively well-resourced as Dropbox. Delivering the same experience to every user is a solid goal, but not one you can absolutely achieve all the time.

Rename files and folders with our latest iOS app [Dropbox Blog


  • A feature I’ve waited a long time for (due to my photo management workflow) but I’ve since moved to Google Drive as an alternative. The rename feature in the new iOS app relies on you opening the file to rename whereas Drive does it from the file list screen.

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