Don't Ask Interview Candidates About Their Current Boss

Conducting a job interview requires you to plan the questions. One question you shouldn't ask: What do you think about your current boss?

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Recruiter Stephan Tjaden points out in a LinkedIn post that you're unlikely to hear the truth if you ask this question. Nobody wants to come across as negative, and asking someone to highlight their boss' positive abilities might make them think twice about accepting the job.

For a more positive approach, check out this suggestion for a useful question, and hit the link below for more questions to avoid.

Best interview questions, and the pointless ones. [LinkedIn via Business Insider]


    Recruiter Stephan Tjaden has ridiculously over simplistic way of thinking about things. You wouldn't have gone to the trouble of attending an interview in the first place if all it took were listing off a few strengths of your previous boss to change your mind about the potential move. This question is asked to gauge the candidates professionalism and nothing else.

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