Do You Still Use A Third-Party Keyboard On iOS?

Do You Still Use A Third-Party Keyboard On iOS?

Everyone was pretty excited about third-party keyboard on iOS, but it doesn’t seem like that many people out in the real world actually use them. So, we want to know, do you use a third-party keyboard?

Third-party keyboards are a great way to customise iOS to your liking, and they are a welcome addition in iOS 8. In my experience, it doesn’t seem like that many people actually use them. We know they’re popular on Android, but do you use one on iOS? Which one?


  • I used Swiftkey for a while, but on iPad it didn’t have gesture typing!?! Plus it’s predictions of what I was typing were rubbish.

  • I’ve loved Swiftkey on Android for many years, but on my ipad mini i found it slow and unresponsive and ended up having to switch back to the default keyboard. Hopefully it improves with future updates.

  • I’m weening myself off switfkey, it’s great and super fast to type with, but the bugs are really annoying. It can’t handle orientation well and also causes the message app to freeze and fails top load the keyboard all the time. If it has no issues Id use it 100% of the time.

    • Yep, the slow load times, and frequent crashes that leave you with either an unresponsive or no keyboard at all forcing you to enter the clunky settings menu to remove and re-add the keyboard makes it completely useless.

      I do use a specialist keyboard for another app, but it doesn’t seem to have the problems that the big commercial keyboards have.

  • I use Dvorak for All on my ipad and love it. I’ve not timed it but have the impression that I type faster than with ‘slow you down qwerty’; also one handed typing is easier.

  • using swype works reasonably well i guess, at least better than stock.
    only got it because it being free a while ago.

  • im the opposite, I thought they’d be a waste of time but I now use swype and it’s superior than apple’s keyboard.

    I still think that apple should have spent the time just making a better keyboard instead of creating an api that will only be used by a tiny number of addons.

    The mechanism for switching keyboards is clunky and I often find that the custom keyboards are randomly missing.

  • I’ve been using Adaptxt for awhile now and I like it better than Swiftkey, when it comes to predictive text. Also downloaded Swype while it was free, but haven’t used it much.

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