Do You Ever Use The Robes In Hotels?

One of the markers of a fancier hotel is the presence of robes for you to lounge around in (complete with label reminding you not to steal them). But how many people ever get around to taking them off the hanger and wearing them?

Robes picture from Shutterstock

I'll don a robe occasionally if it's available, but the budget I set for hotels often means they're not on offer anyway. However, it would seem that even in fancier setups, people frequently ignore them.

"Frugal Vegas" blogger Jean Scott reports that at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, robes have now been removed from most rooms. "While they’re still available in the suites, guest robes have been removed from all other rooms," she writes. "Apparently, a vast majority of the robes went unused for an extended period of time."

Cost-cutting in hotels isn't unusual, and in Vegas, where the emphasis is very much on getting you back into the casino rather than hanging around the room, it's even less surprising. But it leaves me wondering: do you get excited when the hotel room has a robe, or is that just more clutter to ignore? Tell us in the comments.


    Nah, I just walk around naked, rubbing my balls on the various surfaces, the desk, TV remove, phone, alarm clock, cans in the mini-bar....


      I just blew my sandwich out of my nose.

      But on a serious note, room service didn't knock once and caught me sitting in the nude on the couch watching TV scratching my sack.

      Last edited 19/12/14 2:09 pm

    I often get excited when "the hotel robe has a robe" because I really enjoyed Inception.

    I'm always too paranoid they haven't been washed, last robe I used was when I stayed at a hotel in Japan and it was a traditional Japanese robe, I took some pictures in it and then put it back haha

    When i saw that one of the hotels i was staying in sold their robes for $180, i made sure i wore that thing just to feel the pointless amount of wealth on my shoulders.

      Raw materials - $2
      Labour - $5
      Cost of embroidering hotel logo - $8
      Markup to make visitors feel luxurious when wearing robe and make them feel guilty for stealing one - $165

      For the record: I don't. I wear my own clothes.

    Uhm... hell yes? Because otherwise what's the point? Really?

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