Ditch The Cinema For The Couch With Out-Of-This-World Theatre Sound

There’s nothing like a real cinema experience — seeing something huge for the first time, on that huge screen, with that huge box of popcorn (if you eat it in the dark it doesn’t count towards your diet, right?). It just can’t be recreated. There is one element we are coming mighty close with, though. The sound. Here’s why.

Bose have taken it’s expertise in designing and creating sound systems for stadiums, auditoriums and the space program, to deliver the Lifestyle 535 Series III home entertainment system.

Those cinema blockbuster feels are captured with low-notes from the bass module, and the speakers hit you with a sound you’d expect only to be possible in a much, much larger system. The quality is guaranteed to be consistent no matter the environment, since the system is intelligent enough to both assess your chosen room’s unique size, shape and furnishings then adjust accordingly. This is best 5.1 surround sound system Bose has to offer, and that means a premium theatre-like performance you can enjoy from your own couch.

Those great moments in entertainment are always immersed in sound. A subtle soundtrack to a film, a nostalgic TV theme, the roar of the crowd at a sporting match, the screeching jump-scare of a video game or that moment you hear your favourite song and can’t help but dance.

The Bose Unify system allows you to effortlessly connect up to 6 HD video and music sources –- like 3D Blu-ray, Pay TV and your gaming console -– without getting lost. There is a clear, step-by-step, on-screen setup to guide you through the process. It even tells you when you’ve made the right connection. Fully compatible with the SoundTouch adaptor, it’s also simple to use your home’s Wi-Fi to wirelessly stream music from your personal library, internet radio or streaming services like Spotify.

The Lifestyle 535 Series III looks fantastic as well. Keeping up with the trend in televisions, the new Jewel Cube Series II speakers have been redesigned with a slimmer profile, are available in black or white, and can be mounted flush to the wall for a sleek look.

If you have a minimalist aesthetic it’s not a problem to hide all of the components including the bass module out of sight, since the universal remote control (with a handy LCD screen to view system information) works even through walls. Seriously.

The Bose Lifestyle 535 is a new generation surround sound system from Bose.

Cinematic sound, flexible connectivity and sleek design. A premium system for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Explore its features at Bose Australia.

Special Summer Promotion: If you buy before the 1st of February 2015 you’ll get a free SoundTouch Wifi music system valued at up to $899.