Cook The Sides Of A Burger Patty By Adding Water

Cook the Sides of a Burger Patty by Adding Water

When you want a burger patty to be evenly grilled, how do you make sure the sides are perfectly cooked? Celebrity chef Bobby Flay recommends adding a little water to the pan.

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Flay says that will solve the issue:

How do you cook the sides of the patty? Add a little water to the pan and cover for 10 to 15 seconds; the steam will cook it around the edges. Try the same method to melt your cheese.

Hit the link below for more tips from Flay on making the perfect burger, including making a well with your thumb.

Bobby Flay's Tips for Building the Perfect Burger [Bon Appetit]


    Funny, that's how I cook the top of my fried eggs after the bottom has browned ( a technique that has served me far better than flipping the egg).

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