Combat 'Beard Burn' From Kissing With Aloe


Beards are awesome, but they can cause skin irritation for anyone you get close to. This side effect is often called "beard burn", and usually shows up on the sensitive skin around you or your partner's mouth. Save everyone involved from beard burn by moisturising with a little aloe.

Image from nanpalmero

If aloe isn't your style (or you don't have any), Everyday Health recommends you use chamomile tea bags to soothe irritation from beard burn. Alternatively, you can seek out lotions or skin balms with calming elements like chamomile and aloe as ingredients. Overall, be proactive and moisturise your skin before the kissing starts.

Keep in mind that length of the beard will also make a difference. The longer the hair, the less it will poke your skin and cause irritation, so let it grow. For more tips, see the full post linked below.

Avoid Post-makeout Beard Burn [Self]


    I have a friend who says he often gets ' bush burn ' ..... must be a camping thing.

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