Chromecast's Guest Mode Lets Friends Cast Without Connecting To Wi-Fi

If you want to have a group YouTube party using your Chromecast, you usually need to get everyone on the same Wi-Fi network, but a recent update to the Chromecast Android app lets anyone cast to the Chromecast as long as they're in the same room.

Basically, once you enable the setting on the Android Chromecast app, devices can pair with the Chromecast using ultrasonic sound. From there, anyone can cast to your TV as long as they're nearby. The update is rolling out to devices today.

Chromecast, now with guest mode [Google Chrome Blog]


    I think I'd rather just give them the Wifi password and let them join the network.

    So does the data come from the wifi connection that the Chromecast is already on, or does it come from the phone's data?

    The phones data.

    The Chromecast doesn't download anything, it displays on the screen whatever is being sent to it.

      It will use your wifi internet connection, not the phone to stream the content.

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