Check If A Bar Is Unclean By Looking For Bubbles In Your Beer

Check If a Bar Is Unclean by Looking for Bubbles in Your Beer

Just as a restaurant's or bar's bathroom clues you in on how well kept the whole place is, so might the look of beer poured in a glass. Thrillist notes that bubbles down the sides of your pint is a sign your glass is not clean.

Photo by Smabs Sputzer

Instead of rising to the top, the carbonation gets stuck on the sides because of some type of debris — dirt, grease, or sanitizer (if you're lucky). Congratulations. You will never enjoy draft beer again.

A commenter on the site adds that iit's not really that the bubbles stick to the debris on the glass, but that "the debris provides a nucleation site". Whatever. We just want clean glasses.

For more ways to tell the quality beer bars from the dives, check out the link below.

8 Simple Ways to Tell If a Beer Bar Is Serious [Thrillist]


    This is analogous to ionization of the atmosphere seeding clouds.

    You will never enjoy draft beer again.

    Yes, thank you for that.

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