CCleaner Updates With A New Disk Analyser To Free Up Hard Drive Space

CCleaner Updates with a New Disk Analyser to Free Up Hard Drive Space

Windows: CCleaner is easily one of our favourite utilities. Now it has updated to version 5.0 and learned a sweet new trick: analysing your hard drive to find which files are taking up the most space.

We've featured other disk analysers before (and we even have a favourite), but CCleaner can now do it without installing a separate utility. The app will analyse your hard drives and show you which types of files take up the most space, as well as provide a list of the biggest files you can remove. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of an app like WinDirStat, but it's handy nonetheless.

The new version also comes with a flatter interface, plus some improvements to how it cleans up after Firefox 34 and Opera History. You can download it from the link below, or check for updates in the app itself if you already have it installed.

CCleaner [via Techniqued]


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