Bye Rupert Chrome Extension Blocks All News Corp Australia Sites

Bye Rupert Chrome Extension Blocks All News Corp Australia Sites

Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch hasn’t made himself any new friends with his heartless, self-promoting and inaccurate tweet following the fatal Sydney siege. If you’d prefer not to fill his coffers further, Bye Rupert is a Chrome extension which automatically blocks all News Corp web sites.

The extension has an Australian focus, so it will block the main site and associated newspaper properties such as the Daily Telegraph and Herald-Sun. It doesn’t appear to affect all overseas Murdoch-owned titles — the Wall Street Journal, for instance, is still allowed through.

Once installed, any time you click on a link to a News-owned property on the block list, you’ll instead see a pop-up saying “Title has been blocked”. (There’s also a similar extension, Murdoch Block, for Firefox.)

Bye Rupert [Chrome Web Store]


  • Not really sure what to believe from this business –

    They make an extension to reduce news corp related pageviews, but then mention that their CEO was featured on and wall street journal with massive logos appearing on their home page?

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

    • They’re probably harvesting all your web browser metadata then selling it on to Murdoch & co.

  • So, everyone is cranky at Murdoch; but I’ll bet they grabbed the first news they could…or did they wait until the journalists at clocked on at 8, filed their stories that hit the streets/media at 9am? I don’t think so.
    Murdoch might be read as insensitive, but what if his subtext was “great job, Telegraph for getting this to the public fast…after all, they have a right to know and we have a duty to tell them” No? But if the tweeters who castigated him were after hot news, they are hypocrites, because twitter fosters hot news, and they both make and consume it, creating its demand.
    Don’t like Murdoch’s approach…then only watch the ABC news at 7pm.

  • I love this idea, however the list of websites it blocks is not extensive enough.
    For example, is owned by News Corp. It is not on the list.

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