Build A Dedicated Sleep Timer Radio With A Raspberry Pi

Many people like to fall asleep and wake up to the radio. While there are plenty of devices out there with sleep timers, Instructables user univership shows off how you can build your own with a Raspberry Pi.

The setup here is pretty simple. The Raspberry Pi queries a Google spreadsheet that has wake up and sleep times along with the play time. When it’s time to start playing, it does. You can also turn the radio on with a button and change the volume with a little knob.

Raspdio [Instructables]


  • Why would you want to use a Raspberry Pi when you can buy a great alarm clock for around $20.
    I have both but the alarm clock has been trouble free and never fails. Change the 2 AA batteries once every 18 months and it has reliable for over 10 years and does not rely on the mains or internet. Read the time in the dark by pressing the top button and during the day you can read the time from 5 metres.

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