Briefly: DSFix Flip-Flop, North Korea Internet Outage

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including more confusion over DSFix and North Korea suffering from net outages.

  • So apparently the fact that Dark Souls mod DSFix got pulled was all a mistake. The lesson here? The DMCA is often flawed.
  • Internet access in North Korea has been shaky in recent days, and no-one can decide if its a revenge attack, terrible infrastructure or something else. The lesson here? Life in North Korea isn't great.
  • Uber has belatedly apologised for surge pricing kicking in during last week's Sydney siege. The lesson here? Automation has its limits.
  • Briefly is taking a brief break for Christmas and New Year; we'll be back on 5 January. Have a good break!


    Except, you know, it appears the Uber stuff wasn't simply automation at all.

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