Ask Lifehacker A Question And Win A Magic: The Gathering Prize Pack Worth $1015!

Attention card game fanatics! Wizards of the Coast is offering one lucky Lifehacker reader a "Summer of Magic" prize pack worth more than $1000. The prize pack includes a treasure-trove of Magic: The Gathering expansion goodies that are suitable for both newcomers and established players. Read on to find out how to enter!

Magic: The Gathering is the biggest trading card game for fantasy fans and the great-granddaddy of the entire genre. Originally published in 1993, the game has continued to enthral millions of players around the globe with its complex rules, large-scale tournaments and fascinating setting.

Players of Magic: The Gathering engage in a battle of arcane wits using a deck of printed cards that depict a dizzying array of spells, artifacts, and creatures. The aim is to defeat all opponents via a combination of luck, subterfuge and strategic card play.

Once learned, the game is a highly satisfying and addictive experience that can be enjoyed with existing friends or used to make new ones — there are clubs all around the country where strangers meet to play, organise tournaments and trade cards. The game also boasts some of the most sumptuously detailed fantasy art this side of Frank Frazetta.

So why is Lifehacker giving away a prize that would normally be found on Kotaku? As it turns out, Magic: the Gathering is a perfect example of "gamifaction"; just with a stronger emphasis on "game". It has been shown to improve the social and mental skills of its players, particularly when it comes to winning and losing gracefully. The fiendishly complex rules also require lots of tactical improvisation and fast decision-making, which aren't bad skills to have.

The Prize

The Summer of Magic game pack includes everything you need to either get started or boost your existing planeswalker arsenal. Here's what you get:

  • Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers Steam download codes x5 ($50)
  • Commander 2014 x5 ($250)
  • Conspiracy booster box ($250)
  • Khans of Tarkir booster box ($250)
  • MTG Land Station x1 ($10)
  • Food and Drink voucher to the value of $200

That's $1015 worth of prizes! There's also an outside chance that you'll score a rare card which could boost the value even further.

This prize pack is also very well suited to a group of players, which makes it ideal for team-based events and tournaments.

How To Enter

In typical Lifehacker fashion, we're using this competition to kill two birds with one stone. In short, we want your Ask Lifehacker questions! To enter, simply ask us a question that you desperately need answered; be it a health issue, technology woe, relationship dilemma or gaming problem. The most impressive question wins the prize! We'll answer the question in a future Ask Lifehacker column, and we'll also answer as many other interesting questions that come up as we can.

To enter, simply ask your question in the comments section below. Full terms and conditions here.

We'll be announcing the winner in the first week of January. Good luck, and may the Force be with you! [Wrong franchise. — Ed.]


    I hate ironing and my wife insists on ironing my work shirts for me. She does a great job, but it can sometimes take ages for her to get around to it, so I have to iron the odd one here or there to get through (which I hate). I don't want to press the issue, cause I already feel really guilty letting her do it. I really want to start taking my shirts to a dry cleaner and get them laundered and pressed, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. What should I do?

    I've been making music for a little under a year now and I've got a few tracks online, but they only seem to get attention from friends and family. Triple J Unearthed is supposed to be good for music discovery, but I haven't had a lot of success with it. So my question is this; how do I get the music I've worked hard on noticed by more people, or even played at some smaller radio stations? Thanks!

    Lifehacker, I'm just an amateur collector and player of Magic: the Gathering, playing mostly in Rakdos colours of red and black. can you give me some advice, please? How can I turn the contents of this pack, largely boosters from the last two releases, into a fun, effective competition deck?

    All the events related to malware and exploits have gotten out of hand as of late. Getting on the Internet is almost like playing russian roulette, you never know if or when you'll get hit. The term "defense-in-depth" has been used in reference to protecting your computer, not with just one antivirus application, but multiple applications and tools. I've heard of people installing AVG, Avast, Spybot, etc all at once. My question is what are some of the best multiple applications (that will play nice with one another) you can install onto your computer to better protect yourself from these risks on the Internet.

    My house currently has next to no Mobile signal and our exchange is apparently full up. What options do i have as far as getting better phone signal or an internet connection that does not cost through the roof?

    We are in a fairly well populated suburb as well.

    Having recently lost a considerable amount of body fat and increased my fitness (and feeling great) I am increasing worried about how sedentary the rest of my family is. How do I motivate my kids to get off the iPads / other game devices and start doing more active and social things (without sounding like a born-again fitness evangelist)?

    Brilliant prize! I've been very interested since the collapse of VS System TCG years back, but haven't had the heart to invest...

    Just two years ago, I finally decided to try my hand at building my own gaming PC - with the drawcard being future upgradability. I started with a midrange build, and it's now starting to show its limitations. How do I go about finding out which component (or components) first needs upgrading? Further to that, what's the most economical and efficient way to do this?

    Sorry, technically two questions.

    I am currently living with my parents while my fiancée and I build our first house.

    We have lived together in rental places in the past, but I know that actually owning a house is a vastly different experience. I'd love to hear some expert advise on the sort of things that every new home-owner should own. When I was renting if something went wrong I would call the property manager. I'm a nerd, and not exactly the handiest guy around. What is the essential kit for dealing with common problems around the house, and what's the best place to learn general home maintenance skills?

    I've recently had to start driving to work due to a change in my client's site. As a result I've now started to listen to podcasts so that my drive time is not as 'wasted'. The problem is that I'm finding it very difficult to find enough podcasts I'm interested in to fill the 3 hours per day driving. To note, I'm particularly keen on tabletop game design, tabletop game reviews (eg Shut Up and Sit Down), geek comedy (eg We have Concerns). iTunes feature lists are full of radio recordings as podcasts and stage productions (like Serial, which I actually don't mind).

    My question is, what are the best means of discovering podcasts to my tastes?

    I've been looking at various bluetooth tracking devices such as the PebbleBee, XY Find-It StickNFind etc recently but have been finding very mixed reviews. Was wondering if anyone could recommend what way to go? I didn't mention 'Tile' as I'm an Android user. Thanks

    Dear Lifehacker,

    As fellow purveyors of alcoholic beverages and in the industry of finding new and potentially cheaper and more effective ways of doing things, what would you recommend is the best way to get into home brewing , why and how?

    I'm currently in college, and my girlfriend goes to school somewhere else. We love each other a lot, but the distance is really bothersome and can really make us sad/angry/frustrated. Is there any way we could make a "Somewhat long distance" relationship work better? We see each other on breaks and when our schedules line up, but I am trying to find a way to go that extra mile, ya know?

    Hello Lifehacker,
    I'm looking at expanding a hobby into an 'on the side' business. I've been doing photography, which I feel may start gathering attention and the possible request of further photoshoots, prints and similar things. I have a rather large bundle of question that I'm going to roll into one. How would I take payment (as most of my potential customers aren't in my town), organise product and pricing and not let it cut into my full time job?

    Last edited 18/12/14 3:31 pm

    I would like to know if it is probable that within my lifetime (around 40-50 more years), will a huge change take place and move civilization past fossil fuels?

    Is there a spell or some potion I can buy to turn back into a human that actually works?

    Magnets, how do they work?

    That aside I was wondering what the best way of centralizing an Xbox media center (XBMC) database to share between devices, i.e one home theatre computer in one room and another in another room. Is there a way to have them both keeping themselves up to date or is there a better software alternative for a home-brewed HTPC apart from XBMC these days?

      Pretty sure its magic

      Last edited 18/12/14 4:33 pm

    Hi Lifehacker,
    I often to get invited to my partners family dinners a few times a year, and I really struggle to find common ground. They are into travelling overseas, and playing golf - while my interests are mostly gaming related (Super Smash Bros, Magic The Gathering, latest eSports events).
    I feel like I have nothing to contribute to dinner conversation, I've even tried researching things to help out. What can I do to contribute more to the conversation?

    Dear Lifehacker,

    I'm nearing the end of my engineering degree and need to start looking for a job. However, I find it quite daunting to choose between the huge range of possible jobs that I could do. I understand that in the end I may not have a choice as to what sort of job I do (as it will come down to what jobs I get offered), but my question is, how do you decide what areas to target? For example, the possible roles in engineering range from highly technical roles in R&D or design companies, through to project management style roles in construction and operations. I'm not sure where on this spectrum I want to work (or where I'll find it most enjoyable), and without actually working in that area I don't know how to choose. I'm also worried that focussing on one end of the spectrum early in my career will limit me in the future. Do you have any recommendation when looking for your first job out of uni, and the general career progression from there?


    My wife hates that I play computer games at home. I love playing magic but at this time can only play on my PC (steam dotp). She doesn't usually mind if I go out for drinks on Friday night with a few friends and come home late. How can I get the best of both worlds, to fill my magic needs? Lol

    Dear life hacker

    The Bunbury city council in Wa are wanting to reperpose the land next door to me for high density housing which does not fit in with the location or the surrounding area apart from that they a grossly undervaluing the land to the extent that a typical block of 500m2 land sells for approx from $220000 upwards and they are selling this land for 500m2 at $25000 total land size is actually 2.1773 hectares, we have been petitioning the council we have also written letters of complaint as this smells fishy do we have a place in Wa that we can say hey the council is doing something wrong we as citizens dealing with them direct have had no joy can some one else step in is their an ombudsmen for that ???

    Ps one of the councilers is chairman for the group that are wanting to purchase the land

    Hey Lifehacker,

    Can you please please break down the world of "credit cards" to me?

    I've done research and every piece of information I come across seems to contradict the one before it. I am in a position at work where having one could really benefit me but I am so loss as I know they can be just costly as they are beneficial. Some comparisons of popular cards would be awesome too. How can I make one work for me in the best possible way?

    Dear Lifehacker,

    I have been wondering about this for a long time now. If an atom can never be created or destroyed how does life or the universe exist and since we somehow do what do we then become when we officially "die" (obviously we do not completely stop 'being')?

    tldr; can I please warp around and explore space after death.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a day-job worker looking to break into some freelance illustration work in the (hopefully) not too distant future. I really struggle with networking, both online and in person, thanks to a lot of anxiety and self consciousness.

    What advice and tips do you have for someone with anxiety problems to start building a solid, and friendly, professional network? Any strategies for quieting the internal demons, or places to get in touch with people?


    I have this friend who has been down on his luck the last 5 years of his life, getting into drugs and alcohol abuse, losing several good paying jobs due to his lack of respect for his co workers and superiors, and I really want to help him but dont want to come across as "that" friend who is far better off and thinks he knows better. Whats the best way I can help motivate him and get him to do the great things I know he is capable of without upsetting him or seeing him do something far worse?

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