Agree On A Special Signal So Your Colleagues Can Reach You On Holidays

Agree On A Special Signal So Your Colleagues Can Reach You On Holidays

A job that requires you to be available when needed — even when you’re off — can leave you checking your email even on holidays. One way to make it a little easier is to agree on a “signal” your coworkers will use so you know something is important enough to look at right now.

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Some of us need to be available during off hours for special situations, or we just love what we do and have a difficult time unplugging. Regardless, time off is important. Effective email autoresponders work well, but if you give your colleagues a special message to send you when it’s really important, you can rest easier knowing that should something come up, you’ll see it..

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  • I turn everything off except txt. The team know if they want me to send a text message and I’ll get in touch if/when I’m available. Everything else gets ignored.

  • If I need to be contacted whilst on holiday, that’s not a place I want to work.
    Holiday is holiday.
    I’ll not use a personal mobile number for work, and my OOO’s advise that anything received while I’m away will be deleted when I return.
    That ensures both holiday and the return to work are as they should be.

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