Visual Studio Community 2013 ls A Free Version Of Microsoft's Popular Developer Suite

Good news for aspiring developers on tight budgets: Microsoft has launched a free version of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Community 2013 is available free for individual developers, and you can use it to build paid apps. In enterprise environments, it can only be used for open source projects and academic purposes.

It runs on Windows 7 and above. Microsoft also announced a preview release for Visual Studio 2015, which adds a number of Azure-related features.

Visual Studio Community 2013 [via Azure Blog]


    Considering this is aimed at low budget people, it's a shame that I have been unable to find an offline install/iso version to download instead of getting the web installer. I am not going to waste time downloading a single time install, my testing of the Pro trials in the past I have been met with things failing to compile and sometimes even fail to execute a hello world program, one time I installed 2013 VB and the IDE couldn't even get past an error on its startup page.

      the link is right on the VS webpage...
      Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013 with Update 4 - English
      DVD5 ISO image:

        Thanks, must have been in a fold out section or off to the right side or something cause it was hiding :)

        You're a hero bro
        thanks for sharing helpful infos

    I am in process of developing an database application (using php n MySQL) for one of my clients.
    I was wondering if I could use VS community to develop my application and sell my app to my client. ( they would be less than 5 users using my application). I am so confused about this licensing and cant afford to get a full copy of VS. thanks for your suggestion n help

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