Video Briefly: Mirrorless Camera Guide, Game Show Fails, Amazing Junk Art

Brief video items for Lifehacker readers, including: DSLR versus mirrorless cameras, the funniest moments from Australian game shows, watch Chris Jordan assemble 6000 mobile phones into Australia's biggest e-waste sculpture.

  • Here’s a cool visualisation that shows all the ~600,000 asteroids discovered in the Solar System since 1980 to 2014, animated through time by Scott Manley.
  • Every game show the world over has its fair share of entertaining contestants and hosts. Australia is no exception. This YouTube compilation celebrates some of the amusing highlights.
  • Bluetooth speakers provide richer sound than your phone, so they’re perfect for parties at home or hanging out at the beach. And with brands like Beats, UE Boom and Jabra all competing for your dollars, there’s lots of attractive speakers to choose from. Gizmodo's Luke Hopewell explains the basics.
  • Gizmodo also has a video guide explaining the ins and outs of mirrorless cameras and how they compare to DSLRs. Watch it here.
  • If you want to fund a project on Kickstarter, it helps to know what works and what doesn't. Here are the top 5 fully-funded projects from Australia, with videos.
  • Celebrated science fiction author Ray Bradbury had plenty of interesting things to say about science, the universe and everything. This 1978 recording makes for fascinating listening.
  • Halo 2 has been remade for the Xbox One. Head to Kotaku to watch the remastered 1080p cutscenes. All of them.
  • YouTube has exploded since it first launched in 2005, becoming the de-facto launchpad for the next generation of celebrities. Business Insider did the maths and found YouTube’s 20 biggest independent stars based on total all-time views.
  • Gizmodo has posted a new video explaining everything you need to know about 4K TV. Watch it here.
  • Remember that movie about Nazis on the moon? There's another one. Of it. Watch it here.
  • Want to look around underwater at the Great Barrier Reef? Feel like taking a wander through the Montague Island Nature Reserve? Google has a bunch of new walking and swimming tours via Street View, all around Australia.
  • Acute subdural hematoma is the technical name of one of the deadliest of all head injuries. This video shows how you get rid of it, which involves opening the brain and removing the clogged blood. It’s really gross, but incredibly fascinating too.
  • Blizzard announced their new game over the weekend. Its name is Overwatch and, looking at the short film, they could definitely produce a whole movie out of the IP.
  • Australia’s largest e-waste artwork was constructed this week by internationally acclaimed artist Chris Jordan from nearly 6000 unused mobile phones. Watch the scupture come to life in this timelapse video.


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