Use Google Sheets As A Multilingual Chat Translator

Use Google Sheets As A Multilingual Chat Translator

Communicating with someone who speaks and writes in another language isn’t the easiest task. This Google Sheet incorporates Google Translate so you can have a real-time chat conversation with anybody in the world.

Over at tech blog Digital Inspiration, Amit Agarwal created a Google Sheet that’s powered by Google Scripts, and translates all language pairs that are supported by Google Translate in real-time. This means that once you save a copy of the Google Sheet to your own Google Drive, you can share it with anyone who writes in another language and have a real-time chat within the document. Just enter your contact’s name along with yours in the cells provided, select each participants native language from a drop-down menu, and start typing in the coloured fields.

It may not be a 100% perfect translation, but it’s a great way to communicate quickly with someone in another part of the world. For instructions on downloading the Google Sheet and how to operate it, check out the link below.

Use Google Sheets for Multilingual Chat with Spears of Different Languages [Digital Inspiration]


  • Just had a look at this Sheet, and it works great. What a great, well-executed idea.

    Make it heaps easier to chat with the wife’s family in Holland.

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