Use A ‘Donation Station’ To Downsize Your Clutter

Use A ‘Donation Station’ To Downsize Your Clutter

We all have stuff around the house that we’re not using, like clothes that no longer fit or a book you’ve finished reading. Create a “donation station” in your house, so even outgoing clutter has a place.

Photo by Howard Lake

Clutter wastes money and messes up your brain, so you want to prevent it. Laura at I’m an Organising Junkie says it’s a good idea to constantly purge the clutter. She explains:

I have my donation station in my linen closet and every day I add to it and weekly I bring the contents of it to the thrift store. Purging shouldn’t be something left for a spring cleaning activity. Purging should be a regular occurrence that we utilise for DAILY clutter creep decision making.

Start small by making a decision between two things…one can stay and one can go. Which one will it be? I don’t live in a cluttered home however I am so into the habit of purging that I can always find something that can go. Always.

Hit the link for other ideas to live a less cluttered life.

The Clutter Creep and Why We Allow It to Happen [I’m an Organising Junkie]

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