This Infographic Suggests Good-Looking Fonts To Replace Dull, Overused Ones

This Graphic Offers Good-Looking Fonts to Replace Dull, Overused Ones

Everyone knows not to use Comic Sans, but it's not the only played-out, overused font found all over the web. This graphic offers some great alternatives for some of the web's most popular fonts and typefaces so you can give your website, document or presentation a fresh look.

The graphic, created by Plato Web Design, has been making the rounds of the web lately. As an example if you're ever tempted to use Calibri (one of my favourite fonts), you could try Source Sans Pro as a good-looking alternative. Instead of Impact, try Fjalla One.

The graphic also offers suggestions for classy-looking fonts for your presentations or web documents, and readable cursive fonts if you like the look of cursive but don't want your readers to strain to read everything. Hit the link below to grab the fonts suggested.

This Graphic Offers Good-Looking Fonts to Replace Dull, Overused Ones

Fantastic Fonts and Where to Find Them [Plato Web Design via Imgur]


    I think I disagree with almost all of those alternatives... Certainly won't be changing "Times New Roman" for... anything else, when it comes to writing..!

      I'd say it's more a guide for web design, rather than day to day word processing...

    I usually use Arial it's works default and I don't mind it for reports, letters and memos. I do sometimes mix it up for public documents like flyers or information sheets... I might be tempted to try one or more of these just to see what they are like.

    So, not many designers in here, huh?

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