The Best Spots On A Plane To Avoid Catching A Cold

The Best Spots On A Plane To Avoid Catching A Cold

If you’re flying, you might be concerned about catching something from your fellow passengers. Planes do have plenty of germ hot spots, but you can protect yourself with some basic health tactics.

This graphic from the Advisory Board cautions you to use your own hand sanitiser if you have to use the germiest area of the plane, the bathroom, and also to use sanitising hand wipes to clean the tray.

As for where to sit: Avoid the aisle seat, which gets touched by people when they walk by, and if you’re within a two-seat radius of someone coughing or sneezing, try to get your seat changed or at least turn on the overhead vent.

While there are germs everywhere on a plane, at least we don’t have to worry about recirculated air spreading illness.

How to avoid the flue when you fly [Daily Briefing Blog via Forbes]


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