The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week One

The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week One

Ubisoft‘s Shape Up is a new fitness game for Xbox One that promises to take the “work” out of workouts (it says here). It uses the Kinect motion-sensor to accurately track your movements as you jump, squat and flail your way through assorted exercise challenges. Over the next four weeks, Kotaku’s Mark Serrels and Lifehacker’s Chris Jager will be taking on the game and each other in a bid to get fighting fit for summer. This is going to get painful, isn’t it?

Shape Up is being billed as an entertaining way to get in shape without straddling sweaty gym equipment. The idea behind the game is that you get better exercise results when you’re having fun — you’re also more likely to actually stick to it.

The game boasts a huge array of 90-second arcade challenges that cover cardio and strength training. Players can tailor workouts to target specific muscles or to suit their mood and fitness level. There also a goal-orientated quest mode complete with boss battles.

The below trailer gives a pretty good idea of what’s involved:

To put Shape Up to the test, we’ll be sinking our teeth into each component of the game, including the four-week quest mode. Is the game better suited to someone with an active or sedentary lifestyle? That’s what we’re here to find out!

We’ll be kicking off the testing next week. In the meantime, here are Mark and Chris on what they hope to get out of the experience and their preconceptions of fitness games in general:





eat cheeseburgers for a living


Join us next Friday for Chris’ and Mark’s first impressions of the game.