The Fastest Way To Shine Your Shoes

Shining a pair of dress shoes isn't difficult, but you do have to have the right tools and know what you're doing if you want to end up with a good-looking shine. This quick video from I Am Alpha M shows you how to get a great shine in five minutes flat, no matter what kind of shoes you wear.

We've talked about how to properly shine your shoes in the past, and while this method is very similar, it saves you a few steps and offers a few shortcuts in the interest of a fast shine. You'll still need the basics though — a towel to protect your lap, an old rag you can get dirty with polish, and of course, the shoe polish.

Clean off your shoes first, and use that rag to apply a thin layer of polish everywhere on the shoes. Then find another clean spot on the rag and start buffing that polish away. It's a simple three-step process that, assuming your shoes aren't in horrible disrepair, will get you a solid shine without spending a lot of time.

The Alpha M. Five Minute Shoe Shine [I Am Alpha M]


    If you cared about your shoes at all, you wouldn't use KIWI.

      What's wrong with Kiwi?
      I've been using it as well as Nugget (is that OK?) for 50 years and my shoes seem to last well and shine up nicely.

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