Test How Well You Read Other People With This Body Language Quiz

Test How Well You Read Other People With This Body Language Quiz

Empathy may be the most important skill to have, and one of the signs of an emotionally intelligent, empathetic person is his or her ability to accurately read others’ facial expressions and body language. This quiz from University of California, Berkeley, not only gauges this skill, it also offers pointers on how to read people better.

The quiz shows you 20 photos of various people expressing a certain emotion, which you have to guess. Most of them are obvious (the wide-eyed look of surprise, for example), but some are a bit trickier, with some emotions only dissimilar to others by, say, the particular tilt of the head.

The explanations for each emotional expression can be helpful for you to further cultivate empathy.

Body Language Quiz [The Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley]


  • I did this test and got 19/20 (missed out on love, possibly because no one loves me? *sob).
    Anyway, my point is, this isn’t a very good test because the emotions aren’t real. You can fake a facial emotion all you want, in real life there are more subtle signs and mixed emotions. And you can’t fake the eyes. Some of these people just looked constipated.

    • I was going to say something similar except I missed quite a lot of them… Mainly I think because I need the context of the situation, not just a single image..! The fact that I have a very slight case of Aspergers probably doesn’t help either..! 🙂

    • I got 15/20. I’m blaming the missed ones on corny posing. I get what they are trying to convey by it but I agree that in real life it doesn’t exactly work that way.

      HAHA I totally agree re constipation. I thought that at least 3 or 4 times.

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