Tax Returns Prove People Will Sign Up For Online Services If There's Money In It

In June this year, 2.4 million Australians had signed up for the myGov centralised online account for government services. That number now stands at 5.8 million — because myGov is needed if you want to submit your own tax return online.

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According to the Department of Finance, 2.7 million Australians have submitted their tax online, using either e-Tax or the simplifed MyTax system. Dangling the prospect of a return has clearly been a powerful incentive for people to sign up — something every developer should remember.

That said, it's not obvious where the next boost might come from. The majority of Australians use a tax agent to submit their returns, and that doesn't require a myGov account.

Finally, a reminder: if you are doing your own tax, it's now overdue! The deadline for self-submitted returns is 31 October.

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    Well when you are given no choice but to use their online service for your personal tax return of course there will be a boost in registrations ? These numbers don't reflect that it's a fairly poor service however

      Very poor service. So poor that I was unable to link my myGov account to the ATO due to well known glitches. Was forced to use a "cheat" in eTax that bypassed myGov. The backdoor was only there because they knew their system was a pile of rubbish.

        I didnt run into problems but I can't recall actually using the Mygov system for anything purposeful

        Mine worked without a glitch, just like with installing software keep mashing the Next button, Next Next Next Agree Next Next Next Agree Agree Next Finished.

        BAM! Money in the bank.

    You don't have to have a Mygov account for tax returns. Check out Whirlpool, I used the method mentioned by one user and got my tax return as per normal using etax without having to set up a one stop shop to steal my identity in one place aka MyGov account.

    After submitting my return via eTax for the last number of years I mistakenly used Mygov this year and had an awful experience. It was not as simple for myself submitting a rather complex return & I feel I didn't come close to the level of return which I deserved. I will be submitting via accountant next year.

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