Successful Hagglers' Most-Used Tactic: Threaten To Check Rival Prices

Successful Hagglers' Most-Used Tactic: Threaten to Check Rival Prices

If you're willing to haggle, you can score some great bargains, but some haggling tactics are more effective than others. Consumer Reports surveyed consumers about their in-store negotiating tactics to find out which ones worked best.

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The poll of 2000 American shoppers reported using a handful of different tactics, from flattery to sob stories. Consumer Reports then looked for the most frequently used tactics among the most successful hagglers.

Threatening to check competitors' prices was the most-used tactic, at 55 per cent. Forty-three per cent of successful negotiators said they tried to make a personal connection with the salesperson.

If you're a novice haggler, it might be helpful to know how the pros do it. For more tactics and detailed tips, check out the full post.

How to haggle your way to holiday savings [Consumer Reports]


    I find if you know a competitor has a lower price and you tell the salesperson what it is, they will just give up and either match it or refuse and walk away

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