Spliddit Finds The Fairest Way To Split Rent And Divvy Up Goods

Spliddit Finds the Fairest Way to Split Rent, Divvy Up Goods, and More

Splitting the rent or divvying up mum's estate can be tricky when multiple factors are involved (such as who got the biggest room, or who mum loved best). Spliddit uses maths and economic principles to come up with the fairest solutions.

Specifically, it's based on "Sperner's Lemma" and works similar to this rent fairness calculator.

In addition to splitting the rent fairly and dividing items, Spliddit also helps divide less tangible items, such as credit for a group project.

Depending on the scenario, the tool will ask participants to estimate how much they value a room in a shared apartment or how much they covet Twix bars versus Hershey Kisses. In the group credit scenario, each participant estimates the other participants' share of work, but not their own.

In the end, everyone gets something based on the "fair division" formula. Harmony.



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