Schedule Something Fun For Sunday Night To Avoid Pre-Monday Blues

Schedule Something Fun For Sunday Night To Avoid Pre-Monday Blues

Garfield was wrong: Mondays aren’t really that bad. The anticipation of Monday, however, can ruin your Sunday night. Schedule something fun for Sunday evening to calm your nerves.

Photo by Bob Mical

No matter how much you like your job, those pre-Monday blues can still make you anxious as the weekend comes to a close. Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend, has a simple recommendation:

. . .schedule something fun for Sunday nights. Get together for a game night with friends. Have people over for dinner. Find an adult soccer league that plays on Sunday nights. Go to religious services. Volunteer with your family somewhere. In nice weather when it stays light late, go for a long bike ride or walk. The key is to figure out something you’d really enjoy doing, then plan it ahead of time.

Why is that important? Thinking about something and anticipating it is half the experience — that’s why the thought of Monday can take over Sunday night and ruin it. But if you plan something enjoyable for Sunday night, you’ll spend most of Sunday thinking about that, and cram any Monday anxiety into the small time afterwards.

With the right things occupying your mind, you won’t dread the coming Monday nearly as much. Happy weekend!

Sunday Night Blues? [Laura Vanderkam via 99u]

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