Release Tension On A Long Flight With These Stretches

Sitting for hours on a long cramped flight takes a toll on our bodies. We’re stiff and sometimes in pain. We’ve already covered some tips to massage your muscles during a flight with a tennis ball or support your back with a beach ball. Even without these carry-ons, you can still get a good stretch.

Over at travel blog Map Happy, they interviewed certified Pilates instructor Wade Brill. Brill shared a list of seated movements and small exercises. Here are the top suggestions:

  • Put a book between your legs and squeeze. This one looks a lot less strange than it sounds, promise. “Work your inner thighs, or adductors, by placing a book between your thighs. Engage your pelvic floor and transverse abdominals — core — and squeeze the book while your legs are parallel hip distance on the floor. Your spine is long.”
  • Lift your legs. Keep your back straight and your arms on the armrest for support. (Might have to fight for that.) Engage your core to raise your legs, together, up and down

Check out the link for other stretches so you won’t feel crappy when you arrive at your destination.

How to Stop Feeling Like a Human Blog In Your Seat [Map Happy]

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