Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite TV Show

Time for the final round of nominations in the Lifehacker Awards 2014 nominations. So let's finish with a topic where everyone has an opinion: what's your favourite TV show from this year?

There are shows we often talk about at Lifehacker — Game Of Thrones, Mythbusters, Doctor Who — but the TV universe is somewhat bigger than that. Which shows should be on the shortlist for voting? Tell us in the comments, and make sure you're back when voting starts on Monday!

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    Sons of Anarchy and Californication are about the only 2014 shows I've watched this year. I nominate them!

    Hmmm there's been a few this year we've really enjoyed.

    Game of Thrones.
    The Walking Dead.
    Utopia (the UK series).
    Orphan Black.

      Ooh, and House of Cards. I don't usually like political drama, but wow that show was gripping.

    Last season's Community was the best since season 1 imo. Also Parks & Rec & Game of Thrones, of course.

    House of Lies

    House of cards
    Game of thrones
    Orange is the new black

    Game of Thrones
    Sons of Anarchy
    - A bit of theme here -

    Silicon Valley

    The Feed.
    Agents of Shield.
    The Blacklist.
    South Park (again. just because)

    House of Cards, without a doubt.
    The Leftovers are good too

    Rick and Morty

    How to get away with murder
    Chicago Fire
    Chicago PD

    Halt and Catch Fire, Silicon Valley, Newsroom, Sons of Anarchy


    Surprised no one else said so :/ am I alone?

    Actually, yeah, South Park -- has done episodes on Drones, Magic the Gathering, Oculus Rift, Uber and more this year. Great season.

    Walking Dead
    Pretty Little Liars
    Chicago Fire
    Black Sails
    Regular Show

    ...I'll stop here otherwise it will be a 100 entry list.

    Utopia (UK - first episode deserves a nomination alone)
    The Leftovers
    Game of Thrones
    SBS' World Cup coverage
    Hannibal! (My pick, that last episode...)

    (Also: Shadow Line, Broadchurch and Mad Dogs are fantastic shows that I caught on repeats).

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