Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Social Network

Today, our Lifehacker Awards 2014 nominations take a friendly bent: which social network is your favourite?

There are some obvious candidates for any social networking shortlist: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. But what else deserves to be on the list?

Throughout this week, we'll be asking for your nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity. Keep visiting the site every day to see when you can nominate your favourites, and make sure you're back when voting starts on Monday 1 December.

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    Twitter :D easily

    ... OK OK I should have read the article first... FINEEE I will add Instagram to the list :)

    Last edited 25/11/14 9:42 am

    Ello! Nah, just kidding, it's rubbish :-)

    Last edited 26/11/14 6:30 am

    Ok assuming that FB etc are automatics then I'd say:

    1, Snapchat (provides da lulz)
    2, Yo! (it's just so dumb it's fun)

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