KuaiBoard Is A Visual Text Expander Keyboard For iOS

There are lots of great keyboards for iOS 8, and you even have a few text expansion keyboards to choose from. But if you're more of a visual person, KuaiBoard does text expansion a little differently.

Unlike a traditional text expansion app, KuaiBoard places all your snippets onto the keyboard and you can select them from a menu. It ends up working like something of a mix between a clipboard and a text expander. If text expanders or the shortcuts built into iOS are too ambiguous for you, KuaiBoard might do the trick since it's a lot more visual and easier to use.

KuaiBoard ($2.49) [iTunes App Store]


    Will my snippets be synchronised on all my iOS devices? At the moment I'm using Ginger http://www.gingersoftware.com/ios-keyboard-page#.VHxiwjGUeao which lets me sync to my iPad, but there is no text expansion, which seems handy.

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