Kobo’s Waterproof Aura H2O Ereader Is Heading To Australia

Kobo’s Waterproof Aura H2O Ereader Is Heading To Australia

Kobo has announced that its latest high-end ereader, the waterproof Aura H2O, will be receiving a local launch on 5 February, 2015. The Aura H2O is waterproof to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes. It also comes with an anti-glare HD display, is dust-proof and provides up to two-months of battery life.

We’re pretty big fans of the Kobo line of ereaders. Unlike some ereaders we could name, they boast support for EPUB and Adobe DRM file formats which means you aren’t tied into a particular ebook ecosystem. According to Kobo, this equates to more than four million ebooks, comics, and magazines across all compatible file types.

The Aura H2O is the first model to provide a waterproof display. With a maximum depth of one metre, it should suit the majority of aquatic-based reading scenarios, including the pool and bath.

“We found that some of our customers avoided taking eReaders to the beach or reading in the bath because they were worried about water damage,” Malcolm Neil, Kobo’s director of content acquisition explained.

“In developing the Aura H2O, we wanted to break down that barrier and ensure that everyone can read anywhere.”

Other noteworthy features include a 6.8-inch e-ink HD touchscreen, inbuilt Wi-Fi, 4GB of storage, a micro SD card slot and a light-up display for nighttime reading. You also get a choice of 10 font styles, 24 font sizes and the ability to adjust font sharpness and weight.

The Kobo Aura H2O will launch in Australia with a recommended retail price of $229. This is a pretty hefty markup compared to in the US, where the same device retails for $179.99; a price difference of more than 20 per cent.


  • I’m holding one in my hands (bought from Canada). Unfortunately there are manufacturing issues with light bleeding in a similar way to ‘dead pixels’. This problem affected the Aura HD as well. It is cosmetic, and only visible if you use the backlight (I don’t).

    This aside, it’s a great reader – despite not supporting F2B.

    If you plan to use the backlight – do your research and work out whether or not you can live with this manufacturing fault that has many Aura HD and H2O users struggling with Kobo warranty returns. It is a mere annoyance, but is reported to happen to up to dozens of pixels. (I was one of the lucky ones with only a single pixel affected so far).

    If you DON’T use the backlight – just buy it. I believe it’s the best reader ever produced, despite the unfortunate pixel issue mentioned, and the nightmare of dealing with Kobo warranty returns.

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