Infuse Delicious Gummy Bears With Your Favourite Cocktails

Infuse Delicious Gummy Bears with Your Favourite Cocktails

How about a nice Whiskey Sour or a Manhattan? How about we mix those cocktails with the most delightful of lollies — the gummy? The folks at Serious Eats did just that. Depending on the drink you choose, the combination of lollies and booze works perfectly — and it's not difficult to do at home.

The original Rummy Bears were a boozy treat that the team at Serious Eats came up with a few years ago by soaking Haribo gummy bears in rum. Then they decided to get fancy with some Hot Toddy gummies, Negroni gummies, and Old Fashioned gummies. This year they went all out and played with some new spirits. Gummy worms soaked in tequila (for "real" tequila worms), green apple gummy frogs soaked in Zubrowka, gummy cherries soaked in Manhattans (and served with a Manhattan), gummy coke bottles soaked in Jack and Coke — you get the drift.

Ultimately, the pairings are endless, but the team tried to pick gummy lollies that worked well with the cocktail or spirit that they would pair with (such as the Sour Patch Kids and the Whisky Sour). Hit the link below for all of the pairings and how to make each mix.

The Return of Rummy Bears: Cocktail-Inspired Drunken Gummies [Serious Eats]


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