Hype Machine For Android Offers New, Ad-Free Streaming Music On The Go

Hype Machine For Android Offers New, Ad-Free Streaming Music On The Go

Android: The Hype Machine is one of our favourite streaming services for fresh music. Thanks to its new Android app, you can take all of those great tunes with you and listen any time.

We’ve been testing the beta version of the Hype Machine Android app and it works really well. It’s not particularly data-hungry, but you still get good audio quality. There’s tons of music to choose from, and access to all of the features you’ll find on the Hype Machine website. You can keep up with your friends, check out your favourite music blogs that feed into Hype Machine, browse specific genres, see your playback history and songs you’ve favorited, and check out the Album Premiere area to hear brand new music.

You can just tap play on a playlist or category and let the music glow (as I do when I’m driving), or hop around scrolling through tracks, searching for artists or songs, and playing just what you want to hear. The “What’s New” and “Popular” sections are front and centre so you can hear the best of the service without digging too deeply.

You’ll want a Hype Machine account to keep track of your favourites and things (although the app will remember them even if you don’t have an account). The app itself will set you back $4.19, while the account itself is free. If you’re looking for a totally free option, try UberHype. We’ve mentioned it before, and it offers a similar feature set.

Hype Machine ($4.19) [Google Play]