How To Prepare For Everything That Can Go Wrong On Your Trip

How To Prepare For Everything That Can Go Wrong On Your Trip

You want everything to go perfectly when you travel, but things almost never do. Here are some common ways your trip can be derailed, and what you can do to prepare for them.

Images from Lightspring, mwichary, toasty, durrah,fillmorephotography, rottnapples, ruthanddave, jhritz, cx2.Your Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled

How to Prepare for Everything That Can Possibly Go Wrong on Your Trip

Issues with your flight can be especially frustrating because there’s often not much you can do to prevent or immediately fix the situation. Here’s how you can prepare to make the best of your flight delay or cancellation.

  • Have your airline’s customer service number and social media handles. Make sure your contact details are registered with theairline, so you’ll be contacted if there’s a problem. If a delay happens, jump on your phone and also check online – that’s usually quicker than waiting to talk to terminal staff.
  • Read up on how to make the best of the delay. We’ve covered how to make the most of a long layover b3r043, and you can apply many of those tips to a flight delay.

Your Luggage Gets Lost

How to Prepare for Everything That Can Possibly Go Wrong on Your Trip

Having your bag go missing is a gut wrenching feeling, whether it happens at the start or end of your trip. Either way you lose out on valuables, clothing and any other key items you packed. Your luggage usually disappears either by getting taken by someone else or getting misplaced in transit. If your luggage does get lost, there are several important steps to take to try and recover it, make sure to file a claim ASAP at the baggage claim area of the airport. It can help if you have a photograph of your luggage (and choosing distinctive-looking baggage that isn’t black doesn’t hurt either). Get all the details you can, including the numbers to ring to follow up on your baggage and the reference codes you’ll need. Don’t be afraid to ask for cash to cover immediate essentials.

If you have to make do without your luggage and its contents, find local supermarkets and discount stores where you can replace items like toiletries and clothing..Personally, if I have to check a bag, I always carry a change of clothing and all important documents in my carry-on so I won’t be completely helpless if my bag is lost.

Your Accommodations Is No Longer Available

How to Prepare for Everything That Can Possibly Go Wrong on Your Trip

Usually the second highest cost during your trip, accommodations sometimes don’t work out as you plan. If you find yourself in a bind with nowhere to sleep that night, there are a few options you can explore.

  • Load apps to find immediate accommodations with a service like Hotel Tonight or Wotif
  • If hotels aren’t your thing, use a service like Tripping to search for alternatives/

Key Items Are Stolen

How to Prepare for Everything That Can Possibly Go Wrong on Your Trip

Scammers are everywhere, and will take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the area, so it’s important to be prepared to deal with it should someone nab your wallet, bag, or other key item. Whatever is stolen, file a report to create a paper trail and get local authorities on the look out. From there, what you should do depends on what the item is.

  • Passport or ID: If you’re abroad, follow these instructionsto contact the nearest embassy or consulate or lodge an online notification.
  • Credit or debit cards: Let your issuer know that your cards have been compromised
  • Electronics: Some electronics can be tracked, either through a tracking software or through registration/serial numbers. Make sure you have as much information about your specific devices so you can include them in any reports you file.
  • Unfortunately, if someone steals your money, it’s pretty much gone. Take precautions such as holding bags in front of you, especially in crowded places, and not putting wallets or phones in your pockets that can be easily accessed.

    Non-Emergency Medical Issue

    How to Prepare for Everything That Can Possibly Go Wrong on Your Trip

    Being sick while away from home is difficult, especially if you’re somewhere that doesn’t have medications you’re familiar with.

    • Bring along medications when possible. Pack things like asprin and anti-diarrheals in case you’re stricken with food poisoning or other non-medical issues.
    • Pack a small first aid kit to treat cuts or other small injuries. We’ve also covered before how to treat minor injuries without a first aid kit, in case you can’t bring one along.

    You’ll be glad you have even simple medical remedies if you do happen to get sick.


    • It’s really important that you bring your medications that you normally use and that work for you (like anti diarrheals and allergy meds etc.) as in some countries they can be hard to find or really different or not as widely available. But also be careful of any stuff that might be banned or more controlled in the countries you’re visiting especially if you’re taking large amounts. You also have to be careful if you buy something in another country and bring it home with you.

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