How To Completely De-Bone A Chicken Wing In Three Quick Steps

How To Completely De-Bone A Chicken Wing In Three Quick Steps

Chicken wings are one of the cheapest, tastiest sources of meat and protein money can buy. Unfortunately, they’re also a hassle to eat. No matter how much you pick, pull and nibble, there always seems to be a bit of meat left on the bone. This step-by-step pictorial will show you how to completely strip a chicken wing in record time.

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Last month, the guys at Nando’s gave us a hands-on “wing hacking” demonstration to promote its flame-grilled Wing Roulette range. We’re usually a bit leery of promotional stunts like this, but the de-boning tips were actually surprisingly clever. To make snacking faster and cut down on wasted meat, simply follow these three steps:

Step 1: Remove the tip/manus

Grab the wing’s “elbow” joint and give it a twist to break it off. You can then munch on the removed section as desired.

Step 2: Pull out the ulna and radius bones

Step 1 should have left you with two bones (the ulna and radius) protruding out of the main wing section. Pull these out individually using a slow twisting motion. They should come out smoothly and clean of any meat. The upper half of the wing is now completely bone-free. Bite the whole thing off.

Step 3: “Umbrella” what’s left

You should now be left with the lower half of the wing bone (i.e. — the bit that kind of looks like a miniature drumstick.) Place it vertically on the table/plate and loosen the meat at the top: you can then push the meat down the length of the bone so that it spreads out to the bottom. Once that’s done, shove the “meat umbrella” in your mouth and pull the final bone free.

If done correctly, you should now be left with nothing but a pile of bones. Onto the next wing!


  • I find it easier to rip the tip off and then rake my teeth on the bones and basically pull the bones sans meat and skin out of my mouth, far quicker and far less messy.

    Sources: Furious Pete & Matt Stonie

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